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Långfinger - Crossyears
Compact Disc.
Release date 09.30.2016.
Small Stone Records.

1. Feather Beader
2. Say Jupiter
3. Fox Confessor
4. Crossyears
5. Atlas
6. Silver Blaze
7. Buffalo
8. Ceasar's Blues
9. Last Morning Light
10. Window in the Sky

Crossyears performed by:
Kalle Lilja - Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, percussive stuff and backing vocals.
Victor Crusner - Lead vocals, electric bass guitar, keys and additional guitar.
Jesper Pihl - Drums and percussive stuff.

Musical direction, technical engineering, production and spiritual guidance by Johan Reivén and Olle Björk. Recorded at Welfare Sounds, Göteborg. Additional recordings made at Beduin HQ, Göteborg. Engineered by Kalle Lilja, Victor Crusner and Johan Reivén. Mixed by Olle Björk. Mastered by Daniel Johansson at Welfare Sounds Mastering. Artwork and concept by Emma Johansson.

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