TEST PRESS - Slow Rivers

TEST PRESS - Slow Rivers

500 SEK

“Slow Rivers”  contains of nine songs that exemplifies Långfinger at its best. It features guest appearances by Ebbot Lundberg and Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm from The Soundtrack of Our Lives, some sitar, glockenspiel and off course the regular wailing of guitars, the pounding drums, the loud bass and a constant roar, creating enough of a sound to guarantee the greatest of listenings.

Comes as gatefold. Limited to 500 copies.

1. Them Tales (02.57)
2. New Blood (04.45)
3. Caligulous Times (04.50)
4. Sink My Stone (03.45)
5. Sunny Side (04.42)
6. Clap Your Hands For The Troubadour (02.28)
7. Wail! (03.06)
8. Tremolo (03.58)
9. Deep In The Depths (05.32)

Produced by Simon Sigfridsson & Långfinger. Recorded & engineered by Simon Sigfridsson at Svenska Grammofon Studion, Göteborg. Mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes at Svenska Grammfon Studion Mastering, Göteborg. Guest vocals and instrumentation on “4″ & “8″ by Ebbot Lundberg. Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm appears on “6″. Bongos on “4″ by Carl Thorén. Simon Sigfridsson appears on a lot of tracks.

Released 10 February 2012
2012 © Beduin